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Please Add this MOST IMPORTANT payment system in Poland (also popular in Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Latin America, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine). Very flexible, secure, reliable, trusted, integrating all banks and platforms. Poland wbesite: Globa website: PayU has decent documentation in English:, eg: 1) 2) Absolute MUST HAVE for Polish users (as I think for users form other countries too).


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    Dawid Ziółkowski ( Idea Submitter )

    I can provide testing account on Payu to help develop this payment gateway. Please contact:

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    Sebastian Orzeł

    I want to buy PayPlans and PayU payment gateway is crucial for me and my clients. This payment system is a "must have" in Poland and many countries of Eastern Europe.

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    Community Member

    I support this idea. Availability Polish payment gateways in PayPlans is very footsteps. When can we expect to improve the situation?

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    Community Member

    When PayPlans will handle payments available in Poland ??? I can see that this project is developing very slowly. Please add the application Payu payment.

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