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Hi Payplan's team

I find your component is one of the powerful and the best for Joomla!

But for Russia there are many difficulties in paying.

We still have our special currency for the Internet payments.

For example: WebMoney and Yandex Money

And many users in Russia use only this method of payments.

Plimus recently updated to BlueSnap and there have been many good changes.

It would be a very good option PayPlans-BlueSnap for the Russian market, because Bluesnap has recently started taking Russian electronic payments (webmoney). Are You still can't implement this variant of integration?


Best regards


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    Too many users from CIS (USSR) have very great difficulty in paying through the Russian payment systems. Please, make integration with bluesnap or webmoney

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    great idea for integration PayPlans--> Bluesnap & Webmoney-->

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    Roman Zroman

    Russia - The very big country, nation! its need for us. Для всяких малазий и то есть!

  4. Comment
    Aris Gevorkyan

    Φοβερο πολυ καλη ιδεα... και εμας μας χρειαζεται αυτο σιγουρα.....!!!!!!

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    Tomy Francois

    Alipay has only 9 votes and has already been added to Payplans! BlueSnap already has 23 votes and still no mention about integration to Payplans! We are based in Mauritius and cannot get access to much online payment solutions and BlueSnap is one of the rare payment gateway to accept company from Mauritius, please do needful to add this payment solution to Payplans as soon as possible. This is our second subscription to Payplans (nearly 7 months) and we have not yet started to make any benefit from it as we are not able to use it due to the fact that we do not have access to none of Payplans offered payment gateways!!!

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      Oleg kharol ( Idea Submitter )

      This is very important reason for your request. Thank you for this post.

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    ( Moderator )

    BlueSnap payment gateway works differently from most of the gateways.

    In BlueSnap, you need to configure Payplans plans at their end which adds extra overhead on customer end.

    This is one of the reason we have not added this gateway till now.

    Most of our customer does not want to configure the same thing on different platform since it may introduce redundancy and needs maintenance.

    We also contacted plimus team to find out some work around but could not get any success in this.

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