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Hello. I noticed that Guru, Elearning component powered by IJoomla, does have its payment system. This is a great addon and perfect if you manage a Elearning website only above all. But the payment system of Guru is limited because allow to buy course one by one, not packadge of courses! For example buy ten courses!

Also if you have a website that offers other services probably you should have other subscription system. I use payplans and this is great because it is very flexible thanks to apps (payplans plugin that add other features).

Joomla is a powerful product only if the extensions will be integrated each other. Payplans allows user to recharge his wallet so to pay the services by subscribing plans. So i'd like if you add a payplans app that allow to pay course with your subscription system,deducting money from the balance of the wallet adn allow admin to set how many courses user can buy offering also a good price!

The present request will be added also in the IJoomla forum. You can find it there:


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    Francesco Aprile ( Idea Submitter )

    Please also allow admin to set membership price with these options:

    1) membership price for all courses. In this way user purchase a membership with a duration and he could partecipate all the courses;

    2) membership price for x courses. In this way user could partecipate max to x courses. For example 10 courses;

    3) membership price for courses belonging to specific course categories (multicheck). In this way user subcribe a membership to partecipate to all courses to those categories. He must pay the other courses of other categories.

    4) option to include exercise files or not. In this way admin can offer different memberships with different prices if include the access to exercise files of courses included or not. (as website)

    These options can be used together. For example max 10 courses in specific categories.

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    Community Member

    I would love this too! I want my members to have acces to all video's, but that guests have to pay for them. That would be great :)

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