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One plan, multiple lengths and discounts

The best example would be a web hosting site offering one plan with different lengths that result in different discounts, same discounts, or no discounts.

Basically a single plan would need the ability to have different term lengths assigned to it (let's say using a combo box for example).

This avoids the hassle of creating multiple plans in the event there are a lot of combination of services.

4 plans could be identical but would have monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, anually payments and if we wanted we could also assign discounts/different prices for terms. So with my suggestion it wouldn't be 4 seperate plans but 1 single plan with additional features we could set up.

Thanks, I recommend this because it fits a service I am aiming to provide and I would like to use this component. It takes a step away from things like Jomsocial and joomla registration and moves towards more of a business solution like web hosting for example.

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  1. Agreed! Our team was just realizing hthis is not currently possible with PayPlans? I need to allow my members to renew for a year but allow payments to be made monthly. Is this on the roadmap???

    2 years ago
  2. Totally agree!!!

    And you could allow admin to create a flexible system of coupon, discount, trial period by choosing the range of period where user can use them. Also renew or upgrade system can be more powerful.

    2 years ago
  3. Moderator

    This can be achieved through our Plan Dynamic Modifier app. Download this app from below link:-


    1 year ago

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