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Buy Abortion Pill Online for Safe Abortion is a primary website drug store for women’s health, offering medicines that are FDA approved. It had economical and quality tested abortion pill online. Women can seek Mifepristone and Misoprostol medicine to end their first trimester pregnancy. They can communicate their queries to customer care via live chat, email or toll free numbers. Clients can buy abortion pill at short notice. The clients ...more »

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Our online based medical store, MedstoreRx is an extremely customer oriented online pharmacy which provides only the best generic medicines online at the lowest rates. Even though the price of medicines are low, we never compromise on the quality of medicines which we provide. Therefore you will only see FDA approved medicines on our product catalog. Additionally, to ensure customer satisfaction, we offer a wide range ...more »

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Website, an online drug pharmacy is one of the most popular in e-pharmacy sector. It caters generic medications that are used to treat men and women sexual problems. This site provides safe and effective generic medicines, which are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Its website is fabricated in user friendly manner. This web pharmacy offers many attractive discounts that you can use to further ...more »

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Tax App Enhancement (Country + Province / State)

I have noticed that an App has been built to accommodate the EU VAT tax requirements, however the "Basic Tax App" does not meet the needs of North American and potential others as well. In both Canada and the United states, tax varies by Province / State. Sales tax rules in both countries offer applicability for only sales made to residents or companies within the sellers own Province / State. This is to say that if the ...more »

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Payment Gateway


PAYPLANS must have MOBILE PAYMENT Gateway like formuto ( ) and paygol ( ) Both payment gateway covers lots of countries , users able to pay via mobile SMS (carrier Bill ) which beneficiary for users those don’t have credit, debit card and those feel more secure by paying through mobile SMS instead of using their credit cards :) Presently no joomla members payment extension ...more »

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