brokers management

I would like to have an application that allows the management of the payment of an amount (as a percentage or amount) of the commission to a business-getter (or brokers). This could be done by creating an app where the administrator must enter the account paypal of broker, his unique code and the type of the Committee agreed (as a percentage or fixed amount). In this way when a customer selects a plan, will see a field ...more »

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Payment Gateway

P2P Lenders for Merchant card transaction acquisition

Merchants are not charged for transactions of wallet members and they merchant account is credited immediately for 100% of sale. Spenders pay a fee for this and their transactions are matched to lenders offering lower consumer interest rates than the credit cards registered in their wallets. Lenders pay a commision for orders matched. Lenders are repaid at 200 basis points below the interest charged to spenders.

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