subcription to featured jomsocial items

Hello. Since 2.6 version jomsocial allows superadmin to featured profile, group, event, video and photo album. Also he must to set the maximum number of items that can be featured. I'd like that you create an app that allows user to subscribe a plan to featured these items for a predifined period. Obviously app must respect the maximum number setted in jomsocial configuration or JSPT js override configuration (if installed) ...more »

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Core Features

Dashboard menu

Allow a more flexible dashboard and include a dashboard menu where apps can either have their own page, tab, or better layout integration. A menu that's extendible like in Jomsocial would be ideal especially since they've tied it into Joomla where it is just another menu controlled by the user so it can be even further customized and not just by apps. Being able to give an app it's own real estate in payplans would ...more »

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