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Tax Select Field in Plan

In Germany and other countries while dealing b2c you have to display the brutto price including tax. While dealing b2b you have to display the netto price excluding tax. So we need a select field whether the plan is b2c or b2b In the frontend for b2b you'll leave the calculation as is. For b2c you have to calculate the included tax amount by the percentage set up in the basic tax settings. At the invoice the included ...more »

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Export / Virtuemart-Integration

Hi everybody, in the upcomming Release jPayplans is integrating an Export-Feature. While most of my online-shops run on virtuemart I would like to see a filter for the export, that can export all sales to virtuemart. Mostly this is for tax-reasons, but I think everybody who is "also" running virtuemart has a good use for seeing his jPayplans-sales movet to virtuemart to keep all togehter. So my Feature-request ...more »

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Tax App Enhancement (Country + Province / State)

I have noticed that an App has been built to accommodate the EU VAT tax requirements, however the "Basic Tax App" does not meet the needs of North American and potential others as well. In both Canada and the United states, tax varies by Province / State. Sales tax rules in both countries offer applicability for only sales made to residents or companies within the sellers own Province / State. This is to say that if the ...more »

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