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Parent and Child Plans/Subscriptions

A good addition would be the ability to make a certain Plan or Subscription required before another can be purchased.


This would come in handy for people wanting to allow a user to register as a JobSeeker or Employer. If Employer they must pay for this account and then to unlock other features they can buy those packages as well.


Module for PayPlans

I think this great component need a module for joomla with informations about status subscriptions, and by example a direct link to renew an expired subscription (and why not a module with direct link to subscribe, and all with some parameters ;)


A module is the solution to put theses informations on many pages with other contents ! Thank you for the work :)

Core Features

improve discount system

Hello. It would be a great addon to improve the discount system with the feature that allow discount only to the first x users registered on the site in a predefinied period. For example: the first 100 users that do registration in the next six months (or days..) or from period specific (from 02/06/11 to 31/12/11); or the first 100 users that upgrade their plan in the next seven months (or days..) get a discount. Thanks... more »