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Suitable for 3PD to Develop

Guru integration

Hello. I noticed that Guru, Elearning component powered by IJoomla, does have its payment system. This is a great addon and perfect if you manage a Elearning website only above all. But the payment system of Guru is limited because allow to buy course one by one, not packadge of courses! For example buy ten courses!

Also if you have a website that offers other services probably you should have other subscription system.... more »
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Payment Gateway

BlueSnap - PayPlans

Hi Payplan's team
I find your component is one of the powerful and the best for Joomla!
But for Russia there are many difficulties in paying.
We still have our special currency for the Internet payments.
For example: WebMoney and Yandex Money
And many users in Russia use only this method of payments.
Plimus recently updated to BlueSnap and there have been many good changes.
It would be a very good option PayPlans-BlueSnap... more »
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Core Features

improve renewal feature

Hello, the renew link can be improved in the following ways:
1) adding an explication tooltip on "renew" icon shown in the module.
2) Also you could add the following feature: option, in payplans settings, that admin can enable or not to allow the renew option for the same plan or another one belonging to the same group of plan.

In alternative to point n.2 you could create a renew app where admin can choose the plan... more »
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Core Features

improve discount system

Hello. It would be a great addon to improve the discount system with the feature that allow discount only to the first x users registered on the site in a predefinied period. For example: the first 100 users that do registration in the next six months (or days..) or from period specific (from 02/06/11 to 31/12/11); or the first 100 users that upgrade their plan in the next seven months (or days..) get a discount.
Thanks... more »
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improve User Detail App

I'd like that admin can set main fields (radio options and/or single select) and dependent field, so if user choose an option of main field, it will show some dependent field. I.E. user have to choose in main field a country from a list or options. If he choose USA, will be shown USA region... Obviously admin should can choose main and dependent fields as required or not required.


Best regards

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Core Features

One plan, multiple lengths and discounts

The best example would be a web hosting site offering one plan with different lengths that result in different discounts, same discounts, or no discounts.

Basically a single plan would need the ability to have different term lengths assigned to it (let's say using a combo box for example).

This avoids the hassle of creating multiple plans in the event there are a lot of combination of services.

4 plans could be identical... more »
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Payment Gateway

Add PayU payment gateway

Please Add this MOST IMPORTANT payment system in Poland (also popular in Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Latin America, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine). Very flexible, secure, reliable, trusted, integrating all banks and platforms. Poland wbesite: http://www.payu.pl/ Globa website: http://www.corporate.payu.com/ PayU has decent documentation in English:, eg: 1) http://www.en.payu.pl/documentation/integration-openpayu-protocol... more »